When you first come across a work of mine, you may notice the sparseness of it all. It is not aggressive or brash. It is quite the opposite. It is reserved, subdued and humble. One may even consider it to be minimal due to its simplicity. However, there is more to the works than meets the eye. They are meticulously and carefully considered within their display. The space they take up, and similarly, the space that is left uninhabited dictates the narratives of the pieces. The viewer is left to approximate the intentions of the work but are never sure of it. They are left to revel in the intricacies and beauty of it all. 


The tensions that are created within the space only enhance the manipulative manner of the works, they carve a space in your mind for you to wonder and go back to.  There is a glossiness to the work that is met with a carefully considered carelessness that altogether adds to the obscurity of the work.


They are not quite recognisable, but they are also not unbeknown to us. They take on a world of their own but amongst the quietness, call out to us in a familiar tone. 

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